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OliSil Putty XS

Automatically mixed a-silicone impression material in a true putty consistency for both impression techniques. It is available only in the MAXI-mix cartridge to be used in a machine. Automatic mixing guarantees a homogeneous material without air bubbles, as well as ensures clean and fast application on a tray. However, if such a need occurs, it can also be formed with your fingers.

many materials available on the market claim to have snap-set properties, but this effect is almost perceptible when taking an impression with OliSil Putty XS. When a tray is placed in the patient?s mouth, the resistance of the material is minimal, which indicates that the consistency remains constant throughout the entire working time. Polymerization accelerates once the material has been placed inside the oral cavity. A true snap-set effect means fewer micro-movements and a more precise impression, which is particularly valuable when it comes to one-step impressions.

thanks to its high material memory, OliSil Putty XS is resistant to deformations when removing the impression from the oral cavity. Optimal elasticity combined with high final hardness allows for repeated model casting without deformations and without losing dimensional stability.