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ONEshade composite is offered in one universal shade. The chameleon effect is a key value of this material in terms of its colour matching with the surrounding tissues. The transparency of ONEshade makes the filling look very natural and does not require time consuming colour matching. Reconstructions become invisible, even at the edges of the cavity.

In 80% of cases, the use of ONEshade is a sufficient solution that fulfils its aesthetic function.

ONEshade is a micro-hybrid composite with nanoparticles. Thanks to the optimal proportions and sizes of the filler and the selection of perfect resins, a highly durable product has been invented. Polymerised UDMA resins create a very hard and smooth surface. In combination with an appropriate composition of fillers, they create a composite of high hardness and compressive strength. This is very important for materials recommended for posterior teeth exposed to significant occlusive loads.

ONEshade can be used alone as a standard composite for filling large cavities with the layering technique. However, the tests of our Opinion Leaders have shown that they achieve the fastest aesthetic effect by combining two materials: OliBULK Fill in a duet with ONEshade. OliBULK Fill in the form of a liquid composite was used as a base that perfectly fits the walls of the cavity and can be applied in layers with a depth of 4 mm.