\ OliSil HYDRO - Olident



Extremely fine-flowing a-silicone correction impression material for use in all impression techniques. Its versatility and reliability have made it one of the most trusted impression materials on the market.

combines two seemingly distant features: flowability and stability. It is highly flowable during application, but at the same time it does not flow down from the preparation site and does not drip. If necessary, it is enough to apply a small force, e.g. blow air from the unit, to ensure that the material reaches the desired place. The result is an extremely detailed impression followed by perfectly matched prosthetic restorations.

displays excellent affinity to moist surfaces of teeth and the mucosa. The pressure build-up displaces residual water and saliva, and the hydrophilic properties of the material ensure that it flows into even the most inaccessible places. This guarantees highly precise reproduction of details, especially with regard to subgingival areas.