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OliNano SEAL

Unique translucent varnish from the prophylaxis group that prevents caries in all patients irrespective of age and eliminates hypersensitivity caused by tooth cervix exposure. OliNano SEAL is also a great solution for patients who use fixed orthodontic appliances. Places around brackets are particularly exposed to decalcification. OliNano SEAL protects and reinforces them.

the patented formula of the silicone polymer allows OliNano SEAL to bind chemically with dental tissues. As a result, the protective layer remains on the surface of the teeth for up to 12 months.

calcium and fluorine nanoparticles as well as amine fluorides fill enamel microfractures, close opened dentinal tubules and remineralize tissues. Olinano Seal is particularly useful after teeth cleaning and whitening procedures both in a dental office and at home. Owing to its complete transparency white teeth remain white and at the same time are guaranteed long-standing protection against discolourations.