\ ONEshade composite - Olident


Conservative dentistry is based on direct composite fillings and everything indicates that it will remain so. OLIDENT, as a manufacturer of dental materials, is constantly striving to facilitate the work of a doctor by simplifying procedures. This saves time, because it is the most scarce commodity in a dental office. There are no compromises here! Saved time is a bonus to excellent aesthetics and unquestionable mechanical properties.

Many years ago we gave up a dozen or even several dozen colorful composites sets. Close cooperation with doctors verified the real needs in the field of aesthetic fillings. Our sets of OliREVO, OliCo XP and VIP esthetic composites are composed of at most 10 shades and 2-3 shades for special tasks. It is absolutely enough for the specialists to easily create natural reconstructions.

Today, however, it is time for the next step, because it turned out that even in such a simplified color scheme, there is a need for an additional product.

  • A composite that will save even more time and more space in the drawer.

  • A composite that allows to shift attention to the shape of the restoration rather than time-consuming color matching.

  • A composite that will allow to use already known working techniques, and will not require specialized color selection courses.

  • ONEshade composite.