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dr K. Babiński
in Portugal

Art of composite modelling in posterior region

You do your best with direct composites but have the feeling that there is still something that you miss?

? Do you struggle with choosing the right color?
? Do you understand teeth biomechanics?
? Do you know how to prep teeth for direct restorations?
? What are the most important factors for proximal wall reconstruction?
? How well do you know posterior teeth occlusal morphology?
? Is there ?all-in-one? technique for both simple and advanced direct composite restorations?

? Do you struggle with occlusal adjustments?
? Is there any simple yet efficient technique for polishing?
? Even more questions?
OLIDENT hands-on course with Karol Babiński may be the right choice for you.

Spend the whole time immersing in advanced composite dentistry, choose techniques that suit your needs, learn how to get better each day and become a little more passionate.