Patented NANO-formula

OliNano SEAL

Innovative teeth protector based on a patented silicone polymer providing exceptional adhesion to enamel and dentin without prior etching. With this innovative formula OliNano SEAL remains on the teeth surface for about 12 months (most of the available varnishes are effective only for max. 2-3 months)

  • Technology "Nano" - the formulation contains fluoroapatite and calcium fluoride nanometer particles, which strengthen coating surface against crack and damage caused by abrasion. At the same time insoluble fluoroapatite nano-particles fill any microcracks of the enamel and penetrate the open dentinal tubules closing them against external factors.
  • Aminefluorides (Olaflur) are responsible for the initial remineralization of the tooth surface.

Packaging: 1 x bottle 5ml; 20 x brushes, 1 x mixing pad

Watch the movie on YouTube with a full step-by-step procedure.


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