Precision, effectivness, durability


Pirania is a special diamond burs line produced with the unique multilayer technology. All three layers of different sized diamonds are embedded in a separate nickel coat - a very unique feature of Pirania burs! Drill shank is made of acid- and alkali-resistant steel and coated with a special smooth layer that facilitates perfect diamond attachment.

With such a unique design and modern production technology Pirania burs are much more durable than standard diamond burs. Even repeated use does not affect the loss of sharpness, making the cavities preparation extremely quick and precise.


RETREATMENT ENDOACCESS by prof. dr. hab. Jerzy Krupiński & dr. n. med. Maciej Żarow

Unique rotary instrument set for the direct access to the root canals in the re-endodontic treatment. Instruments on the extended shaft allow for an easy access to the canal, while working both with a microscope or with magnifying loupes.

  • Please find attached the manual by prof. dr. hab. Jerzy Krupiński & dr. n. med. Maciej Żarow - click on the icon under the image.


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