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OliFlow SE

Self-etching self-adhesive flowable composite for exceptionally convenient and fast application. Application procedure has been limited to an absolute minimum. No etching, no conditioning and no bonding system are required. After cleaning the cavity, it is enough to apply the composite and polymerize.

thanks to its ideal consistency, OliFlow SE does not flow from the preparation field and at the same time adapts perfectly to cavity walls. Work with the material is comfortable and you can be sure that the cavity will be filled with highest precision. The adhesion strength to dentine and enamel makes it suitable for almost all situations as in the case of standard flow.

the resistance to abrasive wear of any composite material is one of the most important factors determining restoration stability. Having performed two hundred thousand cycles imitating oral wear, the level of abrasion totalling only 57 μm was recorded after one year of use. This means that OliFlow SE fillings are extremely durable.